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Fasloc® offers a dual stage fastening system for the option of a more secure attachment. First stage 'snap' fit offers normal engagement, a simple twist gives you the added retention feature.
Features & Benefits
Snap Fit
With the added retention feature, you can feel more confident in this fastening system.
Clear material is used to minimise visibility of the fastener.
Fasloc® parts are manufactured in the same material, Polycarbonate, giving you product longevity, protection from the environment and reliable function.
Tolerances have been designed into Fasloc® to compensate for variations in alignment when fitting.
Both mechanical & adhesive fastening methods have been accommodated, giving you the freedom to use the Fasloc® system on almost any material.
*It is advised that when installing the product, you set the product in it's enhanced retention position to ensure long term function and longevity of the system.